Brand ID

Helping individuals and businesses develop a strong brand identity in order to attract, maintain and grow their target customer base using a variety of elements is what we do. The story below illustrates some of the capabilities offered by GradyWorks such as illustration, logo conception and brand development, literature, photography, videography, and motion graphics all for one customer. We are grateful that chose us to help build and support their brand.


In the spring and summer of 2020 during a time of mass uncertainty Safewaze, a leader in fall prevention and protection, invested time and resources into refreshing their brand identity. GradyWorks, LLC played an important role in that vast undertaking. The outcome is reflective of the company’s updated mission and vision while paying homage to the familiar traditions and values that has made them one of most trusted national brands in the industry.

And speaking of investment, this architectural rendering was used to announce the acquisition of their new 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

The next step was to update the main logo, create interior and exterior signage and assist in the overall process of refining their brand identity.

The new logo reflects key aspects that distinguish Safewaze from it’s competitors as it re-positions itself as fall protection’s most responsive partner, providing quick and flexible solutions.

concept sketch

production ready


Products marks and sub branding was done in congruence with the overall brand refresh.

Working closely with executive, marketing and product development teams we identifed, created and implemented company brand standards including approved fonts, iconography and color palette. We also established the general look and feel of all marketing materials and photography going forward.

Simple infographics and motions graphics are useful for making products stand out in the online marketplace.

Gradyworks, LLC also served as chief consultant for the new facility’s photo studio which quickly enabled the company to capture high quality photos of hundreds of their products.

GradyWorks pulled from it’s years of experience in national foodservice to design a world-class trade show booth from concept to completion including podiums, archway, (not shown) lightbox and all backdrop panels.

These eye-catching thumbnail illustrations (left) of each product category was created for their customers to easily browse through as well as a banner illustration (right) to go along with each product’s landing page. All 12 banners can be seen at

Gradyworks, LLC continues to support Safewaze as it asserts itself as the most trusted and responsive partner in fall protection and we can assist you in achieving your goals as well.

Let’s build something together.

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